Managing the Waterways with GIS

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" The mapping interface and automated process saves at least a day in what was a labour intensive task. "
    -  Jonathan Marshall GIS Manager

The Customer: 
Britain’s canals and rivers support a diverse range of activity from leisure to commercial purposes and British Waterways is responsible for managing the 2000 mile water network and its associated infrastructure.
British Waterways decided to implement a full corporate GIS, followed by the integration of an ERP system from SAP, delivering the capability to co-ordinate work across the entire organisation. The mobile GIS technology has enabled British Waterways to electronically capture environmental survey data instead of producing paper reports.
The Challenge: 
Based across ten regional offices, British Waterways had no definitive, central database of asset and property holdings. In order to achieve time and cost efficiencies, it was essential to be able to disseminate up to date information across the organisation, map property boundaries and identify which assets fell within its jurisdiction.
The consolidation of various datasets into a central GIS solution has delivered numerous benefits across the organisation and activities that previously would have taken days can be concluded within hours. When a customer calls to report an issue, the Call Operator has access to the GIS and can pinpoint the exact location of an issue and then raise a work order in SAP. Mobile workers can enter up-dates into the Mobile GIS, saving significant time and delay.